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Visiting Lapland

Northern Llights.JPG

Lapland is a busy tourist region regardless of the season. When visiting Lapland there are plenty of attractions and activities to indulge yourself in, be it high intensity sports or a nice hike in the forest picking berries. Whatever your interests, Lapland can offer everything to cater to your interests.

One of the main attractions in Lapland is visiting Santa Claus. Visiting the most popular inhabitant of the North is an extraordinary moment not just for children but for adults as well. Usually tourists pay a visit to Santa's house in the winter when the surroundings are covered in snow and a mysterious atmosphere creates a magical feeling. Although most tourists prefer visiting Santa in the winter, it is possible to see Santa year-round.

Another Lappish attraction is the Amethyst mine in Pyhä-Luosto area, which is the only operating amethyst mine in Europe and the only gemstone mine in the world open to tourists. 

Customers are also encouraged to try various safaris organised by A La Carte Lapland. The activities offered differ depending on the season. In the winter time reindeer, husky and skidoo safaris are popular outdoor activities. Expeditions in search of the Northern Lights also fascinate tourists and are a popular winter activity. In the summer time riverboat trips, folk dances near the river, hikes on the fells, and berry-picking/mushroom-picking trips lure tourists to the Lappish scenery, not forgetting of course the white nights when the sun doesn't set. This particular natural phenomena amazes tourists from all over the world.

Whatever your interests, Lapland has something to offer you!